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Hangout Pod

Tangerine Hangout Pod

Tangerine Hangout Pod

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  • Hard-wearing: Mould and mildew-resistant Olefin fabric
  • Roomy: 1.8m Pod surface area with plenty of space
  • Simple set-up: Ten minutes assembly time (max!)
  • Versatile: Free-hang from trees and beams
  • Portable: Slimline travel bag ensures easy travel

Looking for the perfect indoor and outdoor swing bed? Our Tangerine Hangout Pod will add a splash of bright, zesty orange to your home and outdoor spaces. Made with comfy Olefin material, this sleek, stylish Pod is ideal for weekend warriors with get up and go attitudes. Whether you’re lounging around a campfire or set up in the garden, a Tangerine Hangout Pod gives you and your mates a space to enjoy together!


A tangerine circle hammock pod is the ideal travel companion for homebodies and weekend warriors alike: 


The Material

A mould and mildew-resistant Olefin material makes our Tangerine Pod durable, hard-wearing and undeniably cosy. The material is also machine-washable, giving you the ability to get rid of those muddy footprints and spillages with one wash.


The Set-Up

With an assembly that takes no longer than ten minutes, setting up a Hangout Pod is super simple. Whether you’re free-hanging from a tree or set up with a Hangout Stand (sold separately), we’ve made assembly as easy as 1, 2, 3.


The Carry Bag

Our Tangerine Hangout Pod comes with a slimline carry bag, ideal for those ready to get up and go. With a weight of only 10kg, transporting the Pod in our carry bag is light, simple and easy to move and store.

    Hangout Pod Specs:

    Base: 1.8mØ

    Height: 1.8m

    Weight: 10kg

    Load Capacity: 200kg

    Pod Base: 100% Olefin

    Ring System: 8pcs, Steel

    pod dimension

    Hangout Stand Specs :

    (sold separately)

    Base: 2.5m Ø 

    Height: 2.4m

    Weight: 13.5kg

    Load Capacity: 200kg

    Frame: Powder-coated steel

    stand dimension
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