Our recent Projects

TiiPii Bed has partnered with leading hotels to bring the exceptional comfort of its innovative beds to luxury accommodations.

Elevate your guests' experience with TiiPii Bed.


Hotel Rio Mar

TiiPii Bed is thrilled to announce the outstanding success of our partnership with the esteemed Hotel Rio Mar in Ibiza.

The collaboration between TiiPii Bed and Rio Mar has proven to be a match made in luxury, as our uniquely designed beds have become a focal point of the hotel's commitment to elevated hospitality.

We adorned Rio with our Deluxe Range, featuring our Bed, Stand, Poncho, and coordinating decorative pillows to establish the perfect ambiance.


The Goodtime Hotel

The Goodtime Hotel, renowned for its commitment to providing guests with an unparalleled experience, embraced our brand's vision for comfort and sophistication.

Our uniquely crafted beds have become a central element of the hotel's ambiance, enhancing the overall guest experience.

Moreover, the design philosophy behind our beds seamlessly integrates with the overall aesthetic of The Goodtime Hotel. The beds serve not only as functional elements but as focal points that contribute to the ambiance of sophistication and refinement that defines the establishment.

The synergy between our brand's commitment to excellence and The Goodtime Hotel's dedication to providing an unparalleled experience is evident in every detail, creating an atmosphere that is both inviting and indulgent.


Heritage Resorts

Heritage Resorts and TiiPii Bed have joined forces to create an exceptional and unforgettable hospitality experience. Known for its luxurious accommodations and commitment to preserving cultural heritage, Heritage Resorts has selected TiiPii Bed to enhance the sleep quality for its guests.

TiiPii Bed's innovative designs and premium materials perfectly align with Heritage Resorts' dedication to providing a unique and comfortable stay. The incorporation of TiiPii Beds into Heritage Resorts not only elevates the sleeping experience for guests but also adds a touch of modern elegance to the resort's ambiance.